Harvesting a New You this Fall

Yesterday I woke up to a beautiful crisp Fall morning.   It’s in the air and it’s all around, the Autumn equinox marks that Fall  is officially here.  I looked out my bedroom window to see the most vibrant sunrise.  With the winding down of the active (Yang) Summer season, this is the perfect time to find a new balance in your life.  School is back in session and schedules are in full swing.   Many people are feeling overwhelmed with all the commitments they’ve made for themselves at work and at home.  So now it the moment to pause and reflect upon how and where you want to spend your energy.    It’s also the start of the harvest season and a great time to celebrate the harmony and splendor of your Self through a full-spectrum detox of mind, body and spirit.

Reset Your Priorities

The summertime is a season of go-go-go; family vacations, summer camps and cook-outs.  The Fall is a time to realign what is important to you.  Rather than making commitments to others, make commitments to yourself.  We are heading into the quiet season (Yin), the season of shorter days and darkness.  To avoid the winter blues, set up your priorities and practices now. 

How Yoga Can Help You Detoxify Your Mind, Body & Spirit

By definition yoga slows down your brain waves.  By practicing deep breathing you are increasing the energy (prana) flow and oxygenating your body.  By focusing on your breath, an asana or a mantra during yoga practice you are taking your mind off of the to-do lists that play in all of our minds.   Stress has physical as well as mental effects in the body.  It raises the levels of cortisol in our systems which has been linked to increased abdominal fat, higher blood pressure and impaired cognitive performance.  Caffeine also increases these cortisol levels.  Taking the time to breath deeply and practice yoga (even if for just 5 minutes a day) you are taking a step back and giving yourself time to make clearer, more conscious decisions.  Whether it’s deciding to eat berries and oatmeal for breakfast instead of a bagel or choosing to not engage in negative self-talk the next time you step on the scale.   The act of breathing deeply is itself a natural way of detoxing, pushing out CO2 from your lungs.   There are so many seasonal, fresh foods to eat during Fall.   Eating locally, fresh and organic foods are a great way to kick-start your purification.  This Fall take the time to re-prioritize your health with better self-care, eating and exercise.

autumn equinox


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