a new (york) state of mind…

As an early birthday present I asked to attend this past weekend’s Sadie Nardini Weekend Immersion at Yoga Works in NYC.   As a yoga practitioner and teacher I often find myself networking (aka wandering around Facebook) online as well as watching You Tube yoga videos.  This is how I was first introduced to Sadie Nardini.  She has her own channel on You Tube and for the past two years has posted free yoga classes and segments online.   I was surprised at how many videos were on her site and more so that they were free.   More than that though I was initially struck by how much I identified with her style.   We have both studied various forms of yoga as well as studied Eastern philosophies.   It’s refreshing when you find a teacher whose style resonates with you on this level. 

This weekend allowed for a deeper understanding of her “core strength vinyasa” system from asanas to philosophies.   I will continue studying with Sadie in the future.  She will be hosting a workshop at NJ Yoga Zone in Margate Saturday August 14th.  www.njyogazone.com

Below is a link to Sadie’s You Tube channel.



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