Getting Fit with Ballet

I first met Bianca Jade through the internet a few months ago.  Funny how I know so many people now online before I meet them in person.  Bianca runs a great website and blog under the name MizzFit.    Along with great fitness tips Bianca posts and reviews fitness related products, studios, DVDs, equipment, clothes and accessories.  

Last Thursday she compiled a list of her favorite workout DVDs.  I am loving how dance is finding its way back into popular fitness again.  Bianca added my “Ballet Pilates Fusion” class to her list of recommended classes and NJ Yoga Zone studios on her site.  This class combines the conditioning of basic ballet with cardio bursts, floor and barre work along with the control and strengthening of Pilates.  Working the body with isometric, repetitive movements and systematically focusing on the large and small muscle groups & the accessory muscles.  Think long & lean like a dancer’s body ~ no prior dance experience required!

I currently teach Ballet Pilates at NJ Yoga Zone Thursdays @ 5:15pm in Margate & Saturday @ 11am in Ocean City.

I will be teaching a week-long (7/26-7/30) ballet, Pilates & yoga fusion class called “Balleticise” this summer at the Chautauqua Institution.


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