Yoga & Pilates Beach Retreats

Create your own personal Yoga and Pilates retreat this summer and take a trip to Margate or Ocean City, New Jersey.   NJ Yoga Zone has two boutique studios with daily classes in various styles of Yoga as well as Pilates mat and Reformer classes.   Private studio and in-home (or on the beach) classes are also available.  

Stay at a quaint bed and breakfast in Ocean City, NJ and join me for true sun salutations on the beach every Saturday and Sunday.   Beach classes are held on the Granville Avenue beach in Margate on Saturdays and on the 8th Street beach in Ocean City on Sundays.   Be sure to bring a mat or beach towel!

8:00am Beach Yoga ~ Enjoy summer on the beautiful beaches on Southern New Jersey with creative Vinyasa yoga.  Salute the rising sun as you connect with your body and breath. 

9:15am Beach Yoga/Pilates ~ Celebrate strength and flexibility with an innovative blend of Classical Vinyasa practice and the core movements of Joseph Pilates. 

For more guidance setting up your own personal Yoga & Pilates retreat email me:


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