Pre/Post Natal Yoga & Pilates Class Forming at NJ Yoga Zone!

 NEW Pre/Post Natal Class Now Forming!

Join me for pre/post natal yoga & pilates on Thursdays @ 5:30! Class begins November 11th! Register early!

Yoga is a great way to maintain a strong and centered mind and body during the joys and challenges of labor and motherhood. Practicing Yoga during your pregnancy helps to keep your muscles stretched out and strengthened.  A prenatal practice also aids in releasing tension and maintaining good posture.  Learn how to relax on command and keep a positive outlook while clearing the mind of the stresses associated with pregnancy and life with your new baby. There are many benefits in attending a prenatal yoga class during pregnancy, benefits that are far beyond what you can receive in a regular yoga class. In our classes we teach yoga exercises that help prepare you for labor, delivery and motherhood as well as breathing techniques you can use in labor. Regular attendance assures that you will consistently practice these exercises for greater benefits.

After giving birth, the abdominal muscles are stretched and have often lost much of their tone. This lack of muscle tone can make women susceptible to back injuries, mainly because of the new physical demands on the mother. If you have been practicing Pilates during pregnancy your abdominal muscles will bounce back at a much quicker rate than would normally happen. If you have not done Pilates, now is a very good time to start!

To register please visit  or email Melissa at 

Phone : 609.822.5800 


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