Balleticise™ at Pilates Core Center &!!!


Balleticise™ is coming to Pilates Core Center, Cherry Hill, and to beginning in March 2011! 

Balleticise™ is a total mind-body workout that merges the balance, strength and grace of ballet with the precise core-work of Pilates. This fresh approach to ballet-inspired classes takes the classical movements of ballet barre, centre work and Pilates mat work to revive re-awaken and reshape your muscles into those of a dancer. You will feel your energy levels boost as you move sequentially through the body, warming-up and targeting joint mobilization. Improve balance and flexibility. Slim down and strengthen up. Increase stamina and endurance and alleviate stress. Core centering, toning and cardio-burst exercises at the barre and centre are followed by cool-down where we will focus on flexibility and relaxation.  No prior dance experience necessary!!!

I created Balleticise™ out of my own practice as a former ballerina and certified Pilates instructor.  These two forms of movement merge seamlessly and compliment each other.  Both share the founding principles of precision, control, fluidity and breath.  The result is a fun and ever-changing class that will increase your stamina, create length and tone, balance and grace. 

Balance.  Strength.  Grace.  Balleticise™

Pilates Core Center is a Pilates studio located in South Jersey with two studios – Medford and Cherry Hill.  They offer a varied schedule of Pilates equipment (reformer), mat, Cardiolates (R), TRX, belly dancing and yoga classes with certified teachers. is a live online fitness center, offering a wide range of classes on your schedule.


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