Yogalina Virtual Studio!

Many of you may already know that I have offering virtual sessions for a while now.  It’s a way of me offering my services to those clients that are busy moms, traveling for work or don’t live nearby.  I am so happy to now officially launch my Yogalina Virtual Studio!  Read all about it below and message me with any questions!

Enjoy the benefits of working one-on-one with Meg Everingham from the comfort of home or on the go!  Personalized sessions in yoga, Pilates or barre work tailored to your specific mind-body fitness goals & nutrition planning is now available!  Email Meg for more information!

What is the Yogalina Virtual Studio?

The Yogalina Virtual Studio offers you the same total mind-body holistic wellness offerings from Meg as a private in-home or studio session through the ease of the web.  Meg is a certified & experienced instructor of yoga & Pilates, an innovator of barre work & an avid believer in holistic nutrition.  Receive the personalized attention from Meg while attaining an increased level of mind-body balance & wellness.  You decide the focus of each virtual session.  Choose from yoga, Pilates, barre work or any combination of the three!  Whether you’re on the go because of your career, taking care of a family & kids or live in an area far from a studio, you can now get the highest quality of instruction at the time & place that works best for you!

After a complimentary phone consultation discussing your mind-body health wants & needs Meg will create a video virtual private session tailored specifically to you.  Your virtual session will be sent directly to your in-box!  You will be able to practice these virtual sessions whenever, wherever you go!  You can choose from a video (HD recording on Flip camera) or Skype session. If using Skype a time will be booked that works best for you (web cam required for Skype)!  You choose from Pilates (mat or Reformer), yoga or barre work (or any combo of the three) and Meg will customize a total mind-body workout for you.  Follow up phone/email sessions included.  Meg is here to support and nurture your total mind-body fitness goals!

If better nutrition is a part of your goal Meg also offers virtual nutrition consultations.  With this phone & email based consultation program she will learn more about your current diet & nutritional status, health issues, lifestyle & habits.  Meg will then put together a 28 day nutritional plan created just for you!  There is no one size fits all diet plan here.  Each 28 day program is created for you to help you attain your nutritional goals.  Your plan will be clearly laid out & emailed to you.  Weekly email follow-up sessions will aid in keeping you on track & successfully reaching your wellness goals!

Benefits of Virtual Studio Private Sessions:

*Flexibility!  Train whenever, wherever you choose!   Convenience & comfort!

*Accountability!  Follow up consultations keep you on track.  Skype sessions allow for Meg’s trained eye to watch your form.

*Savings!  Private sessions can be very pricey in studios (typically $85/session)!

*Mind-body health!   Feel empowered, energized & total mind-body wellness through training with Meg.

Benefits of Yoga, Pilates & Barre work:

*Increased flexibility & balance

*Tone, shape your body

*Build long lean muscles, no bulk here

*Reduce stress

*Build core strength

*Alleviate back pain, improve posture

*Balanced muscle development, injury prevention & recovery

*Overall heightened mind-body awareness & well-being!


Are you committed to finding mind-body wellness?  If so, consistency is the key to seeing true results.  Try one of these packages to save money & reach your mind-body fitness goals!

5 pack virtual private sessions $300

10 pack virtual private sessions $600

Virtual Nutrition 28 day Program $85

Email Meg for more information:


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