Flowing Into Spring

As we approach spring I am taking pause to reflect on 2012 so far.  Personally, 2011 flew by faster than any other year in my life.  During these first few months of 2012 I have been focusing on grounding and finding balance.  It has been a practice.  The more I grasp for balance the less balance I achieve.  It’s only when I take a pause, stop striving, that things align.

I recently reread Wayne Dyer’s book, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.”  In this book Wayne Dyer reads and discusses each verse of the Tao Te Ching and relates Lao Tzu’s ancient words to modern-day applications.  The Tao is often described as being fluid like water, both formed and formless.  Just like time itself water is continuously moving, evolving, changing.   Each of us too can embrace this idea and be like water.  In order to let the true of expression of ourselves shine through we need to let go.   By letting go our truth is revealed.

Here is a passage from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book:

“The Tao asks you to clearly see the parallels between you and this naturally flowing substance that allows life to sustain itself. Live as water lives, since you are water. Become as contented as the fluid that animates and supports you. Let your thoughts and behaviors move smoothly in accordance with the nature of all things.”

Here’s an exercise to practice doing the Tao now:

“Drink water silently today, while reminding yourself with each sip to nourish others in the same life-flourishing way that streams give to the animals and rain delivers to the plants. Note how many places water is there for you—serving you by flowing naturally. Say a prayer of gratitude for this life-sustaining, always-flowing substance.”


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