Stay Active to Stay Young

(Photo & video courtesy of  Advanced Style blog & YouTube channel)

There may not be a fountain of youth but here is more proof that exercise keeps the body young.   Ruth is 100 years old and practices Pilates one day a week & does exercises at home nearly everyday.  Ruth says, “I use what’s good for me….If you listen to your body it will tell you….It boils down to keeping active.”  Such an inspiration!

Video of 100 year old Ruth speaking about Pilates & staying active.

One of my favorite quotes from Joseph Pilates is, “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.”  For those of you out there that have suffered back or other injuries know these words are true.  Nothing can make you feel older or more physically limited.  Injuries and illnesses may prohibit you from working out.  Not working out often leads to weight gain.  The worse you feel, the less active you are, the worse you feel, the less active…. it’s a viscous cycle.   Turning to mind-body approaches of exercise like Pilates and yoga can prove to be very healing both physically and mentally.

Many of my clients have limitations physically due to neck, spine or other injuries, are returning to exercise after having kids or after battling an illness.  Private in-home or in-studio sessions in Pilates and/or yoga can help you reclaim your body in movement.   The purest joy in my work is empowering people through mind-body movement.

If you have questions about starting a mind-body fitness regimen please email me!



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