US Open Giveaway – check out this blog!

I highly recommend checking out my friend Meg’s blog. It will keep you in the know for upcoming shows, concerts & events – and keep you entertained with her wit! Love her.


Aaaand its that time of year again. The US Open (cue the horror music). For us in the biz, this is one of the craziest times of year. The US Open is NUMBER ONE attended annual sporting event in New York. It applies to so many walks of life: the sports fan, the business man to entertain a client, the person who feels like being classy for a day, etc. I LOVE the US Open. It truly is a great event to attend, I highly recommend going! The reason it is dreaded among those who sell it is because the WHOLE THING is contingent on the weather. Last year, if you cared or recall, the Open was a NIGHTMARE. It rained nearly every session, pushing back play, canceling games, rescheduling sessions, etc.

However, if the weather is nice, throw on your argyle sweater and khaki’s and lets drink a white wine…

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