Post-Hurricane Eating


I’ve heard from a lot of friends & clients today that they fell into the “storm eating” trap. Being stuck inside with the prospect of having no electricity for days lead to mass baking & cooking endeavors by many. I had planned to stay on track. I had soup, gluten-free crackers & dark chocolate at the ready. But then I was offered wheat thins (definitely has gluten!) & pretzel M&Ms & gave in! Right away I got an allergic reaction; stuffed up & had a belly ache. Today I felt the after effects even more.
Just like Hurricane Sandy, the worst is over. Assess the damage & move on. Each meal you have a fresh start to choose to be healthy. Beating yourself up over not being perfect has a negative effect on your mind & body. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, picture yourself healthy & happy. Take pause to show gratitude for your body. With the full moon last night, now is a perfect time to let go of the old & create space for a new intention.
I chose today to pick up this hearty salad from Whole Foods. Kale topped with tons of yummy nutrient rich goodness. I started my day with a nice home yoga practice.
How are you recovering post-hurricane eating?


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