Virtual 28 Day Mind-Body Wellness Planning Special

As part of my Yogalina Virtual Studio I offer 28-day mind-body wellness planning.   This program aims to help you reach your ultimate wellness goals.   Each program is tailored to your specific wants, needs & goals.  I then personalize a holistic nutrition & mind-body fitness plan for you.  Throughout the 28 days you will receive support from me to help you stay accountable & on-track with your wellness goals.

Start living your life with balance & wellness now!

With this plan you will receive:

  • Free phone consultation 
  • Nutritional plan created just for you 
  • Personalized video workout emailed to your in-box (workout anytime)
  • Unlimited email correspondence for support & encouragement
  • 28-day program wrap up takeaway plan

My love  is to empower others through mind-body wellness.  Combining my knowledge & expertise in yoga, Pilates, holistic nutrition & Ayurveda, this program enables your wellness goals to come to fruition.

Introductory price of $85!  Limited time offer. 

Perfect for you or someone you love for the holidays!  Gift certificates available.


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