Mantra Monday: Living Yoga


This quote from Swami Kripalu resonates with me & how I live my yoga. Living yoga? What does this mean?

Most people are aware of the physical practice of yoga, fewer know about the ways in which you can practice yoga off of the yoga mat. I have always been drawn to this “off the mat,” living side, of yoga. The philosophies (the 8 limbs of yoga) behind the practice of yoga are the foundations. This full spectrum approach to yoga was how I was first introduced to yoga & practice today.

Yesterday we had a meet up for a group called Off the Mat, Into the World. This group was founded by yogis & is a global & local initiative to bring the yoga community to action for those in need. This year a local chapter, covering Philadelphia & south Jersey, was established. This branch is run by Maura Manzo, a wonderful yoga teacher & health coach who is a senior leader in Off the Mat. I participated with this group this past November with a food drive & yoga classes at lululemon in Marlton.

Off the Mat Philly & South Jersey is focusing its efforts over the next two months on the city of Camden. Specifically we are working with the Sacred Heart School in south Camden. Father Doyle of the school was featured last week on NBC News with Brian Williams. We are looking for yogis & non-yogis to come practice yoga off the mat with us! There are many opportunities to offer assistance to the school – donate your time to clean up on the second Saturday of the month, donate books for their book drive or offer your time & skills in an after school activity. I will be posting more about this over the next few weeks. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Watch clip from the NBC News Rock Center feature on Camden here:


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