Embracing Transitions

ImageThat pause between the inhalation & exhalation. The moment between being awake & asleep. The minutes in the morning when the house is quiet, before the workday begins.

These are all examples of daily moments of transition. This time of year is full of change. A couple weeks ago we set our clocks ahead. The days are lighter, the weather warmer. I find people are coming out of the cocoon of winter & spreading their wings into spring. Awakening.

Some transitions in our lives are by choice, whereas others are thrust upon us. The end of a relationship, a change in careers, a death in the family. These are transitions we mostly hold on a different level than those of blossoming spring gardens & enjoying start of baseball season. Yet these transitions too are important moments in our lives, not to be swept away under the rug of our minds.

I was asked by one of my “yoga-sisters,” Brittany Wallrath, to participate in a feature on her blog focusing on the transition from working in a corporate environment to pursuing teaching yoga full-time. In the interview I express how I never looked at following my bliss at a career choice. When I left my corporate job in recruitment & human resources all I knew was that I wanted to dive more deeply into yoga & eventually teach. I’d taught ballet for years so knew I’d be comfortable with the teaching part. I wanted to fully immerse myself in all things yoga & figured the teaching would come. I never thought about the money or building a career.

The transition was a challenge. I had been impulsive & left my stable job without a plan of where I would get benefits or forseeing how my lack of income would change our living situation. We made it work. It was a practice of patience & letting go. Yoga teacher training was a practice of looking in & integrating all that I learned into my daily life (off & on the yoga mat). I gave up my debit card & delt only with cash. Online shopping was a thing of the past; a habit to fill my urge for instant satisfaction. The teacher training program I enrolled in was a yearlong course. I was able to fully integrate what I learned into my life. My life slowed down & I became more present.

Transitioning into teaching was another period of great learning for me. It was like I was shot out of a cannon. I wanted to teach as much as possible. Looking back, I now advise new teachers to ease into it. Experience takes time. I see a lot of new teachers now trying to jump from yoga teacher training to holding workshops & teaching full-time. Perhaps their perspective is different than mine & they are looking more at yoga as a career. When you pay attention to the financial aspect of teaching yoga there is a demand to teach many many classes per week. I have seen many teachers get stressed over this issue & some lose their spark when teaching. I look at teaching yoga as a service to others. My intention is that this great lineage that was passed down to me can assist in empowering others to lead a more fulfilled life. With a pure heart I am able to release any expectations of what teaching can do for me.

To read more about my transition from the corporate world to yoga click here




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