Blossoming into Spring – New Yoga Mama Series!


With the true start of the spring season I am starting a new series here on my site called “Yoga Mama.” With the blossoming season I will share my blossoming belly (I am due in July). I have been journaling my experiences from pre-conception & will be sharing bits with you on the site. Look for holistic pregnancy tips, pre-conception, prenatal & postnatal yoga, Ayurveda & wellness features, articles & interviews as I take you along on our journey.

We had an absolutely perfect spring weekend here in New Jersey.  Saturday was our first tailgate of the season for the Phillies home game.  There was a slight chill in the air, but the sun was out & we all had a blast.  I didn’t actually attend the game, just the tailgate.  I had my first vegetarian banh mi sandwich. I’m sure I’ll be looking to pick up another one of them again soon! Yesterday Dan & I took Scrappy out to the Pine Barrens for a long hike. The weather was a bit warmer than on Saturday, perfect for an afternoon spent outdoors.

Dan & Scrappy overlooking Lake Atsion
photo (1)
Scrappy taking a breather on our hike


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