Yoga Mama Series – Mind-Body Babymoons

What’s up with babymoons? I had never heard of a babymoon until a couple of years ago on a reality show of some kind.  I thought it was a cute name & didn’t give it much thought.  Now that we’re expecting, I revisited the idea of babymooning.  My husband is not so keen on calling it by this name (he prefers just calling it a pre-baby vacation) but we are going away for a week & I’ve been looking forward to it! With all the changes & planning going on, it will be nice to plop up on a beach & chill for a week. Aside from getting in some well deserved relaxation I plan on rejuvenating with quiet beach meditation walks & prenatal yoga.  

I wonder – when did going on a babymoon become mainstream popular?  how many couples out there have gone on babymoons?  

A few things to consider before you plan your babymoon:  

  • Timing – you want to plan your trip between 5 & 7 months into your pregnancy.  Before that you may not be feeling so hot & after that you may be too big & uncomfortable to enjoy it fully.  Plus, a month away from your due date you shouldn’t be more than an hour or so away from your hospital.  
  • Location – depending on when you go away, that may help to determine how far you travel.  Personally, I wasn’t looking to go to Tahiti at this time in my life!  We’re taking a quick flight down to the Caribbean.  If you are feeling nervous about traveling outside the US, there are tons of great weekend getaways to take.  If you are traveling outside the US keep in mind to be more cautious about drinking only bottled water & being mindful about the foods you’re eating.  My midwife advised me to eat only at the resort & to avoid fruit that may have been washed in non-filtered/bottled water.
  • Cost – one thing I’ve learned is that babies are expensive!  I had no idea such a little human would require so much stuff.  While it’s nice to get away for a pre-baby arrival getaway, keep in mind that it’s not worth going into credit card debt for!  There are so many reasonable last-minute deals online or places within driving distance.
  • Preparation – as with all things pregnancy related, advice comes in from all directions whether you want it or not.  I’ve had people tell me not to leave the US, that I’m going to get sick off of food-borne illnesses, etc, etc…  I take it all in graciously.  I am planning on packing plenty of healthy snacks for our trip.  On our flight I will be sure to walk around the plane a few times & stretch.  Once at our resort I’ll be sure to use common sense when eating.  Now’s not the time to be adventurous with unknown local cuisine! Image

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