{Product Review} Kharma Khare Reincarnated Yoga Mat

A couple of months ago I was approached by the nice people at Kharma Khare, an environmentally conscious yoga product company.  I went to their site & was instantly intrigued by their philosophy, use of recycled materials & charity work. I have accumulated enough mats to open my own studio over the years!  I have donated some old mats & keep some in my home studio & my mobile studio (aka my car).


I received the Kharma Khare Reincarnated yoga mat a couple weeks ago & quickly put it to use.  The mat is made of recycled car tires.  It’s thick & supportive.  I typically layer on a blanket during kneeling or prone work to support my hips & knees.  With this mat I didn’t need the added padding.   Since I am pregnant I haven’t been taking hot yoga, so I wasn’t able to do the super sweaty slip test on this mat.   During my daily asana practice I felt sturdy while in downward facing dog (cheaper quality mats have your hands slipping in this pose). The mat weighs 8 lbs (a bit heavy if you’re a city yogi carrying your mat around).  The site claims the mat has a life expectancy of 100 years!  This could be my mat to end all mats.

For each Yoga Reincarnated mat that’s purchased Kharma Khare donates 10% of the profits to a charity (list of selected charities is on their site).  You can feel extra good about your purchase.   They also offer the option to reincarnate your Yoga Reincarnate mat at any time.  Say I want to trade in my current Kharma Khare mat, I can do so by sending it back (in the original box) & I’ll receive a half price credit of my new mat or be rewarded with Kharma Khurrency (1/2 the price of the new mat plus 5% to be used on future purchases).  Again, good karma!

Overall – I am honestly impressed with this company.  They thought outside the box & are also super nice!




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