Practicing Prenatal Pilates


If you’re a regular at Pilates class pre-pregnancy, you may be wondering now that you’re pregnant if you can continue your practice.   As I wrote about before in “The Benefits of Prenatal Pilates” – continuing your Pilates practice can be both safe & beneficial during your pregnancy.

It seems that there are a lot of expectant mommies out there right now.  While pregnancy is not the time to pick up a new form of working out, if you did Pilates pre-pregnancy & you are feeling up to it, Pilates is a wonderfully mindful way to exercise while pregnant.   Stay present & aware in your ever-changing body.

Speak with your doctor & keep in mind that The American Council of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) states that a woman in the 20th week of pregnancy should not lie on her back for exercise for any other reason due to the compromise to the vascular system and possibly the vascular system of the fetus caused by compression of the aorta and the vena cava in the supine position (Reference: ACOG committee on Patient Education Patient information hand out Copyright May 1998).

At the studio where I teach (Pilates Core Center) we have prenatal wedges available to our pregnant clients.  This way they are able to do footwork, supine armwork, etc without laying flat on their backs.  Also keep in mind that doing prone work while pregnant is an obvious no-no.  Be sure to ask your Pilates instructor if they are experienced and/or certified to teach pre & postnatal Pilates.  Taking private sessions is a wonderful way to practice & tune in specifically to your needs.  A rule that I’ve followed throughout my pregnancy is that if it doesn’t feel right I won’t do it.  Pilates is about working mindfully!

Practicing Pilates during my pregnancy & continuing to teach has kept me feeling alive & energized in my mind & body.  I love the Pilates community I am a part of – in the studio, with my in-home clients & online.  I feel relief through my low-back, strength in my core, legs & arms, supported posture & confidence in my body.  The main principles of Pilates include core awareness, concentration, focus, breath, fluidity, flexibility & strength – all things to focus on even more while pregnant!

If you have questions about prenatal or postpartum Pilates please message me or comment below.  I will be posting some prenatal Pilates & yoga videos on my site over the next few weeks.



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