Lunar Yoga Flow for the Super Moon

There’s a lot going on in the universe this weekend.  Summer Solstice on Friday & then two days later the full moon “super moon.”    Lots of time & energy to reflect & renew.

To read more about the full moon super moon read this:

The full moon is also a time to practice chandra namaskar, the moon salutation.  This salutation embraces the feminine qualities of the moon.  Through the sequence you will feel your body “waxing” and “waning.”   AS you move laterally, you open up the sides of your body & hips.  This is a fabulous sequence to practice while pregnant!

1. Start in Mountain Pose (tadasana), arms lifted
2. Half moon (ardha chandrasana) bring lifted hands to left and then right
3.  Goddess pose toes pointed 30 degrees out, bend knees, cactus arms
4. Star pose, legs about 3 feet apart, arms parallel to floor
5. Triangle pose (trikonasana) left foot pointed forward, right foot angled in, right hand up, left hand rests on thigh /shin or block
6. Bend over left leg, right heal pulls towards floor
7. Transition into runners lunge over left knee
8. Bring left knee to face side of mat, point right toes up
9. Shift back into Frog pose, elbows gently pressed against the inner thighs above knees
10. Reverse the sequence to come back to Mountain pose!

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