{Yoga Mama Series} A Week of Prenatal Workouts & Reviews

It is recommended that pregnant women get 30 minutes of exercise per day.  I know a lot of people don’t exercise that much before being pregnant, so I’m sure many expectant women aren’t sure where to begin!    A common rule is to not start a new form of exercise during your pregnancy (an exception to this being prenatal yoga).  If you didn’t exercise a lot pre-pregnancy, take your time easing into a more regular routine.   Above all listen to your body.  Respecting & nurturing your body is key, especially during pregnancy.  There’s no one size fits all prenatal routine!


I wrote down what I did for exercise last week to share with you.    My favorite prenatal exercises are prenatal yoga, walking & swimming.  Walking is something you can do on your own, anytime.

Monday  – Tracey Anderson The Pregnancy Project DVD

Tuesday – Bollywood Dance Blast (30 minute Comcast OnDemand video)

Wednesday – Prenatal yoga

Thursday – Swimming & stretching

Friday – Walking (30 minutes)

Saturday – Bollywood Dance Blast (30 minute Comcast OnDemand video)

Sunday – rest day, gentle stretched

  • The Tracey Anderson DVD series is a fairly advanced workout.  She doesn’t talk a lot about form or modifications so I worry about people injuring or overdoing the workout.  It’s similar to barre classes that I teach & take so my body was familiar with the movements.  I still felt sore in my arms & hamstrings afterwards.
  • The Bollywood Dance Blast video was so much fun I did it twice last week!  It’s great for circulation & made me smile.  I modified the movements by not jumping around as vigorously as the instructor.  The 30 minutes goes by quickly & I felt happy & like I danced away any tension each time.
  • This past week I taught & took prenatal yoga on Wednesday.  Perfect for beginners or experienced yoginis.  I absolutely love attending a class in-studio & feeling the connection between myself & the other expectant mommies.
  • Swimming is so easy on your joints & it’s nice to feel weightless for once.  I’m not a strong of fast swimmer. I take my time & do breaststroke laps.  If you have access to a pool, I highly recommend prenatal swimming.
  • Walking.  As stated above, this is one of my favorite forms of prenatal exercise.  You can do it anywhere, anytime.  It helps to strengthen your legs, work out your heart & I practice deep yoga breathing while walking.  A moving meditation & a time to connect with nature.

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