Client Testimonials

I wanted to share two testimonials from a couple I have trained in-home over the past two years. Training clients in-home allows me to custom design each session to the client’s needs & wants. With this couple I often did a mix of circuit training with core Pilates work & yoga mixed in.  

Testimonial #1 from female client in her 30s:

“I have always been an avid health conscious person who has worked  out my whole life. However, now I am in the best shape of my life because of Meg.  She keeps things interesting and challenging all of the time concentrating on pilates, yoga and cardio.  I love it!  My core is stronger and I am more flexible.  Meg is motivating, friendly and fun!  When I workout with her, I sometimes forget it is a workout because I am having so much fun.  The results are amazing.   Go Meg! Your’e the best!”

Testimonial #2 from male client also in his 30s:

“I have not been very health conscious in the past but recently I have been able to lose 10 lbs, increase flexibility, and strengthen my core muscle groups through Meg’s workout regimen.  It includes yoga and Pilates, which are disciplines I don’t normally engage in.  It’s a great change of pace.  You go Yogalina Meg!”

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