{Yoga Mama Series} Balanced Mind-Body First Trimester

Whether you’re a first time mom or been on this pregnancy road before, the first trimester is full of change.   In fact, each pregnancy experience is different.   No matter how you feel during these first few weeks it is important to stay connected & balanced mentally & physically.


I was fortunate enough to feel pretty good my first trimester.   I learned to adapt to the lingering conflicting feeling of both hunger & nausea combined with fatigue through self-care.  Here I will share what I found to help most during those first weeks.

When I took the pregnancy test I was already sure within myself that I was pregnant.   In an unexplained way, I knew.   I had been feeling a bit tired at that point but nothing terribly draining.  It wasn’t until about 8/9 weeks along that the hormone surge happened.

With this hormone surge I felt tired, hungry & nauseous all at once.  And bloated. I felt that everyone could tell I was pregnant by looking at me (ha!).    I had a full teaching schedule & tried my best to keep to those demands.   My early morning in-home sessions suffered the most at this time.

To combat the feeling of constant fatigue the solution was simple – REST.  It sounds silly but I it’s so important to rest whenever you can.  Turn off the computer, phone, television and shut your eyes.  Even if you can’t fall asleep allow your mind & body to recharge through stillness.  There can be a lot of internal chatter when you first find out you’re pregnant.   Stillness whether in meditation, silence or sleeping can help sooth the nerves.

The first trimester is an exciting time.  Your energy, anxiety & excitement may be hard to contain.   The majority of women wait until 13 weeks to share this happy news with others outside their families.  Keeping this happy secret can be intense!  Find something that you enjoy & can be a release  for any nervous or excited energy you’re carrying.

If you are someone who’s truly battling all day morning sickness there are now drugs on the market you can take.  For people with extreme cases this may be best.  For me, I had a lingering feeling of nausea without actually ever throwing up.  My best friends during this time became almond crackers & ginger tea. Before I took a shower in the morning I would sip on ginger tea & have a few crackers.  Whatever crackers you prefer will work.  I chose the nut crackers because they’re gluten-free.  I would then continue to snack on the crackers in between each client or class I taught.  I also would carry with me ginger pastilles.


The first trimester was a time of learning – what could & couldn’t I eat, what makeup was best, how to go with the flow.  That last bit of going with the flow is something we talk a lot about during prenatal yoga & Pilates.   My intention is to instill a sense of empowerment in every expectant mama I teach.   The realization that we are active passengers on the pregnancy road is key.  We can do our best to create a safe & loving home for our growing babies,  Eat well, rest, exercise, etc… Ultimately the process is beyond our control.  By releasing control we allow nature & the innate wisdom of our bodies to take over.   A mantra I carried with me to labor & delivery was “let go.”  Breathe in the word “let” & exhale “go.”


By becoming mindful of how we are feeling during this time of change we can better balance ourselves both mentally & physically for the journey ahead!



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