Join Me In The 5 Day Be SOULful Autumn Detox!

My good friend & fellow yoga teacher, Brittany, is hosting a fall detox beginning on October 14th.  If you cringed at the word detox please know that this is not a starvation cleanse!!!  You will be taking away the toxins in your daily diet & body & will be adding in all the goodness of wholesome smoothies, juices & REAL food!


Interested?  You can read more on Brittany’s site.   Bonus!  Use checkout code “meg”  to save 25%!

I am excited to join in this detox for the first time.  I am an advocate of cleansing seasonally; in the mental, spiritual as well as physical aspects.  Fall is a time to pause & reflect after the bustling summer.  It’s a season ruled by the vata dosha in Ayurveda (think dry & windy).  Stay rooted & connected to yourself through warm soups, teas, journaling & restorative practices.   After being pregnant this past year & delivering in July, I am focused on nurturing my body & spirit.   I look forward to connecting with fellow participants on this detox!

Sign up for the 5 Day beSOULful Autumn Detox by 10/14!


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