Mantra Monday: Miracles



I have been posting these Mantra Monday images & intend on writing more with them each week.   Baby is keeping me busy!

This quote can resonate with each of us, making the shift in perception from one of fear to that of love.  This was especially true for me during my pregnancy.  I worked with setting my intentions for a loving, joyous & fulfilling birthing experience.   I had several sessions with Gavin Segal who works in energy + body work to set these intentions (more about that in a following post).

Very often we fear the unknown.  The birthing process is enshrouded in fear in our culture.  I wanted to be both educated & empowered in the experience.  The miracle of birth is one not to be feared but to be embraced in love!   Making this shift from fear to love allowed for me to experience in full spectrum the miracle of birth.



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