A Day in the Life…

Fellow Pilates girl, blogger & mama, Robin Long, tweeted me the other day & opened up a discussion among working mamas. She shared a day in her life teaching Pilates, writing posts & taking care of her adorable baby girl. Her latest post was a look at a day in her life which I really enjoyed reading. From this peak inside her life you can tell she’s a loving mom & is balancing responsibilities beautifully.

Picture 218

I’m more of a stay at home mom than a working mom these days.  I try & balance my creative efforts (writing, teaching, etc) with my main focus of creating loving moments & memories for our family.

So here’s my day in the life with baby George:

4:30am: Wake up call coos from George’s co-sleeper bassinet. I roll him into bed with us to nurse than change him & he’s back to sleep.

7:30am: George begins wiggling & making sounds signaling me to pay attention to him & stop snoozing. He usually will nurse a bit more here. Then it’s playtime! During his playtime I get the majority of my household chores done & get to shower (always a luxury). I get to my yoga & Pilates practice a bit here & more later on in the day (I fit it in when I can)

10:00am: time to do the nurse & change routine then quiet time. I was inspired by Robin’s post to start quiet/nap times.

11:00am: Tuesdays we do baby & me yoga at this time. I like to go for a walk or be active around now.

1:00pm: George is ready for lunch & so am I! Sometimes he’ll snooze a bit here. I can work on some articles & blog posts. Some days I use the slow cooker for dinner & typically prepare that around this time.

3:30pm: guess what? Another feeding for George. 😉 afterwards we go for a neighborhood walk.

5:00pm: Dad gets home & wants to play with George too! I get to finish some household tasks (laundry, cooking). I

6:30/7:00pm: we all eat!

8:30pm: George’s nighttime routine begins. Sometimes a bath. Always quiet story time, putting on pjs & nursing to bed.


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