{Yoga Mama Series} Interview with Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

I am excited to share with you an interview with Sophie Jaffe.  Sophie is the founder & creator of Philosophie as well as a certified raw food chef, yoga instructor & personal trainer.  She is based in LA & is the yoga mama to two adorable little boys.  Her enthusiasm for living a balanced & fulfilled life as a working yoga mama is palpable through her posts on Facebook & Instagram (as well as in this interview).  I am a huge cheerleader for her Philosophie superfood powders & use them in my morning shakes.  She also posts fun recipes on her YouTube channel showing how to incorporate them into loads of other meals.

1) When you started thinking about getting pregnant did your yoga, meditation practice or clean diet play a role?  If so, explain.

Actually, no! Once we got married I was ready to do this thing! 😉 I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be a young mama so this was it! My hubby is almost 10 years older than I am so I really wanted to start as soon as possible. I didn’t really let any possibility of it NOT happening enter my consciousness. I knew as soon as we were ready I would become pregnant. (I’m sure the fact that I DID practice yoga and DO meditate and eat healthy contributed to my ability to get pregnant so quickly, though!)

2) Were there any experiences leading up to or during your pregnancy where these practices helped?

During the first 12 weeks I was so incredibly sick… beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I threw up multiple times a day and it came at the worst times: while walking my dog, during a work meeting, at the gym. Prior to getting pregnant I had a deep aversion to throwing up and was so fearful of it.  I really had to go deep and live without fear knowing whatever was happening within me was part of a bigger plan and I just had to trust my body.

3) During your pregnancy how did your yoga asana, meditation practice or diet change?

I was vegan for 7 years before getting pregnant. After finding out I was pregnant with Kai (my first), especially in my 1st trimester, I craved meat and cheese. A lot. I began dreaming of eating meat, in a very primal way. I was actually hunting in one of my dreams. Instead of denying my needs I trusted my body and intuition and “gave in” to the desires of my body. My body led the way. After the 1st trimester, it balanced out a bit and started to drink superfood smoothies and juices again. It made complete sense to me, I had deprived myself of higher protein foods for YEARS and while my body was CREATING A HUMAN it craved and needed substantial energy + protein. I tried not to judge myself and instead, believed and trusted in my body.
As far as my practice went, I pretty much stayed at the same level throughout the pregnancy while obviously modifying certain poses. It was so interesting to adjust to the new balance necessary to compensate for my ever-growing belly. I had to learn how to hold back in my flexibility, staying aware that my body was opening and releasing to make room for the baby and not to push it too far. I loved being upside down in hand stands while pregnant, it was such a release for my low back.
4) How did your practices assist you leading up to & during labor & delivery?
I can’t begin to tell you how incredible my birthing process was. I KNOW for a FACT it was because of how in shape I was physically (mostly from yoga) how in tune I was spiritually and my incredible breathing abilities. Yoga was with me the entire time. When pain would enter my being, I would disconnect from that pain just as I do in certain poses in yoga, and I felt like I was floating about my body, fearlessly and all knowingly. I trusted. I believed. I felt so connected to my source and I knew it was my dharma to birth these children. There’s nothing more natural and beautiful in the whole world. Yoga helped me see that.
5) Looking at the so-called 4th trimester – how did yoga, meditation & diet affect your transition from pregnancy to motherhood?
I love sharing my world of yoga with my children. From what I eat to the way I move my body, to my breath when I am nervous, anxious or angry, to the way I treat other humans and creators on this beautiful earth, it is all Yoga. I loved doing little stretches for both the newborns (Leo and Kai) and I loved watching them stretch and ease their way organically into different poses. It’s seriously the most natural and easy thing in the world to do, we all do it from when we are first born, breath, move and be in connection to our truest self. It’s through life that we separate from that yogic self, that true north, and yoga brings us back to that best self over and over again with practice.
6) How have your practices shaped your parenting style?
Patience, patience, PATIENCE! Just as yoga teaches me to be patient on the mat, yoga teaches me to bring that patience and discipline off the mat. Breathing has been a godsend when I need some time to regroup and recharge. Laying in savasana on my bed even for 10 full breathes completely resets my system when it’s absolutely vital; sometimes that’s several times a day. Thankfully I have these pranayama skills and can draw from them when I need strength and love.
Yoga teaches me to laugh and let go and not take anything with the kids too seriously. Anytime things start to get weird I just jump into a yoga pose and Kai will join me and the entire room shifts energetically. It’s truly amazing. Sometimes we just need to shift perspective and turn life upside down (literally) to see the world right side up again.
7) How do you find balance in your business, family & personal life?
My husband is incredibly helpful and supportive. I go to the Korean spa or get a massage once a month. I work out regularly and know what a difference it makes to take care and nurture me. Mom’s are the center to a family and I feel how I affect the family when I’m off balance. It’s imperative that I continue practicing yoga, challenging myself, journaling, connecting inward, having alone time to hear my voice and truest best self. Only then can I be my greatest ME for my kids and to face my life in the best possible way.
8) Please share any other examples, tips, advice on being a yoga mama with our readers!
Kai and I find great solitude and connective-ness on the yoga mat. We share giggles, growth and experience when we explore yoga together. We become equals: often he teaches me and other times I teach him. We have fun and let go together. 

More about Sophie:


Sophie Jaffe is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Raw Food Chef. She’s a member of the Yoga Alliance as an advanced teacher, and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. After managing a raw foods store in Hollywood which specialized in creating group cleanses, she became dissatisfied with the “one size fits all” model of detox regimens and branched off to create her own company, Philosophie.

Since then, she has found great success and amazing results in providing personalized detox cleanses to a wide variety of clients, including George Clooney, Stacy Keibler, Gerard Butler, and Billy Corgan. She has created several Superfood Products for use in super-charging every meal, and two convenient, effective Quick Cleanses that can be delivered anywhere and utilized easily.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Adi, an addiction research specialist, their two beautiful boys, Kai and Leo, and hyperactive dog, Lucca. There’s nothing she loves more than being with her family (her parents and sister live in L.A. too), exploring in nature, eating beautiful foods, practicing yoga, and inspiring others to their greatest health and joy.  Philosophie is not just about amazing wellness tools that can change your life; it’s about the heart and support that Sophie extends to every client in her quest to spread the bliss of optimum health.


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