Going Raw with Brad’s Raw Food Made Easy Book


I received a wonderful package in the mail the other day  from Brad’s Raw Foods.  The book “Brad’s Raw Made Easy” is coming out next month & I got an early copy (along with some tasty kale chips).  Many of you have probably seen & tried his packaged kale chips (they’re available in Whole Foods).  I love eating kale chips dipped in homemade guacamole!  Mmmmmm….

In the past when I have tried to eat a mostly raw diet it has thrown off my GI health & vata dosha balance.   This time I am going to try to find a better balance between the nutrient denseness of a raw foods diet along with the grounding diet I follow through Ayurveda & my yoga/meditation practice.

Taking a first glance at Brad’s book I saw a lot of accessible raw food recipes.  I like seeing that.  There are ingredients I know & instructions that look simple to follow!  Incorporating raw foods into your diet doesn’t need to be anymore complicated than eating cooked foods in my opinion.  Often times (myself included) people get overwhelmed with the intricate recipes.  Many people tend to be over ambitious with recipes & then get discouraged.  I’m going to start simply & will post pictures & reviews of the recipes I make from the book.

You can pre-order your copy now!


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