#YogaWorldProblems ….

Have you been following the controversy surrounding lululemon athletica lately?  It seems like there is one thing after another coming up ever since the see-through pants incident.   The company’s founder tried to explain that issue away by saying that some women’s bodies aren’t made to wear their pants Here’s a link to the latest in this yoga world saga.

photo from Washington Post article

Many of my friends in the yoga & Pilates world have taken a stance on this issue & have decided to boycott the brand.  Some have even decided to step down from their positions as ambassadors to the brand.  I’ve always felt that the company’s employees were very community oriented & try to support local studios & teachers.  At the same time, within that support are some politics & competition between studios & teachers to “get-in” with their local stores.   It’s long been a badge of prestige to have the lululemon emblem on your clothing, like a status symbol.

Where do you stand on this issue?  Will you stop wearing your lulu’s now?


5 thoughts on “#YogaWorldProblems ….

  1. I doubt I’ll buy any more Lulus. However, they are way to expensive to just throw away. So I’ll continue to wear my existing pairs till they are unwearable. I’ll likely gravitate to Athletica since I recently learned that if I bring in my 200 RYT cert they will honor a 30% discount. Not sure if this is just the store where I’m at or if it is a company deal.

    1. Hi Kristen. Thanks for the comment. I agree, they are too pricey to just discard. Athleta is owned by the company that own Gap. Still big chain but less pricey & no drama (of this sort). Plus, they do give 30% off to teachers! I also love Beyond Yoga apparel & will be posting other companies I like in a future post.

  2. Tough one. I will keep on wearing my Lulu’s when I teach (I bought some items in Australia and they are actually good quality) but always make a point of wearing a variety of brands – and, importantly, items that are not branded: the stretch pants from GAP and Uniqulo are around £10 and last forever.
    The message to send to students I believe is this: Whatever you wear does not make you a better or worse yogi and has nothing to do with your practice.
    When students ask me about what to wear I tell them it’s up to them and always cite Sivananda yoga as an example, which is done in large cotton trousers and t-shirts. 🙂

    1. Good points Andrea! People shouldn’t feel they need to purchase expensive yoga clothes in order to be a yogi or to fit in. I’m not familiar with Uniqlo. I’ve heard of them but haven’t been to a store. Gap, Atheta, Beyond Yoga are all good alternatives. When I started yoga in the ’90s I was advised to wear loose cotton clothing. The popularity of yoga has created a transformation in yoga attire.

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