Drink Up! The Benefits of Cherry Juice


During my pregnancy I often drank unsweetened tart cherry juice or ate cherries in the evening to ease achy joints & to promote a restful night’s sleep. As a breast feeding mom I’ve started drinking it to help the baby & myself sleep more soundly (worth a try, right moms?!). You don’t need to be pregnant or a nursing mom to reap the benefits of cherries!

*High in Anti-oxidants
*Supports + Maintains Healthy Joint Functions
*Increase Ability to perform everyday activities
*Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Function
*Supports Healthy Immune System
*Natural Melatonin Supports Brain Function + Normal Healthy Sleep Patterns
*Promotes Speedy Relief From Exercise Induced Muscle Fatigue


4 thoughts on “Drink Up! The Benefits of Cherry Juice

    1. Hi Bernadette! I drink a small glass of it straight up. You could also blend into a smoothie or mix with club soda. I’m not a sour taste person & the tartness actually isn’t that strong.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I did drink this throughout my pregnancy. I haven’t heard of any reasons not to be able to enjoy this during each trimester (unless you have gestational diabetes or need to watch your sugar intake). It’s always a good idea to run it by your doctor if you’re unsure of safety. I am not a doctor.

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