10 Minute Yoga Mama Cardio Workout

Do you have trouble finding the time to fit cardio into your fitness routine? Now that I’m at home with Georgie I have found that I miss cardio. We go for lots of walks & I do a daily yoga & pilates practice (sometimes for just 5 minutes). It’s important to move everyday. I kept thinking I would get some cardio in by going to take a class but that’s harder for me to commit to now between my schedule with George & my husband’s work schedule. So, I decided to start doing my own cardio routine at home & share here.

This routine mixes lower body cardio with upper body resistance, weight training & yoga stretches.

Warm up:
* standing side bend. 5 breaths each side.
* forward fold for 5 breaths.
* 25 jumping jacks

* 20 burpees
* 20 overhead presses with 5-8lb weights
* 1 minute of mountain climbers
* 20 tricep kick backs
* 1 minute squat jumps
* 20 bicep curls
* 25 jumping jacks
(To extend workout, repeat this series)

Cool down
* child’s pose
* supine twist


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