Wellness Wednesday: Start Where You Are

I often get asked by people how to start being healthy, working out or doing yoga & Pilates.  It can be a daunting task to start a new routine or return to one after an absence.  Many of us have perceived notions of how we should look or things we should be able to do before we join a class.  I hear, “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga,” or “I need to lose weight before I try Pilates.”   Nothing could be further from the truth!  


We all start sometime.  No one walks into a yoga class & is able to master every pose.  Mastering a pose isn’t even what yoga is about!  It is smart to find the right class though.  There are so many variations of yoga out there now that walking into the wrong one could be disheartening.  For example, if you don’t like the heat or sweating a lot don’t try a Bikram yoga class (it’s 104 degrees in there).  Whether you’re looking for yoga, Pilates or an aerobics class look for something that says beginner or gentle.  If that feels too easy for you, you can always move to a more advanced or challenging class.  

I have fallen into this idea of not being ready to start several times.  I got caught up in a perfectionism/procrastinating cycle.  Looking back I wonder what I was so worried about?!  It’s better to start whatever it is you want to do now than procrastinating & regretting it later on.  Find a buddy, try a private class or start out small.   Everyone starts somewhere.  Any great change begins with one small one.  



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