Wellness Wednesday: Pause

Sometimes we all wish we could press the pause button on life. Give ourselves a few moments to just be. I unexpectedly had a day of pause this past week on our vacation when I caught a 24 hour stomach bug. All of a sudden there was nothing I could do but heal (this is why there was no Mantra Monday post this week). It ended up being a rainy, dreary day & I didn’t mind staying in bed to sleep & recuperate all day. I still nursed George (and passed on antibodies to him) but otherwise all my mommy & social responsibilities were shrugged off. It was nice to feel supported while I was unable to do much. I kept my phone away & soaked in the stillness.
This wasn’t an ideal way to take a pause but it was a pause nonetheless. It had me thinking of other ways to take pause during the day. Stop to take a few breaths, step away from your smartphone or computer & go outside.


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