Tibetan Energy Mantra & Meditation

A few weeks ago I took a special class at the Crystal Tree Boutique in Westmont, NJ.  The class was Tibetan Energy Yoga with Reiki Master Janice Gilpin.   I wasn’t sure what Tibetan yoga was but once in the class I realized we’d be working with the other limbs of yoga other than the physical asana practice.   We practiced pranayama breath work, mantras, mudras & meditation.    This class enhanced my meditation practice while we focused on elevating and clearing our energy fields.   The Crystal Tree store shop is closing & will be selling their goods online as of the end of this month.  Janice will be offering more Tibetan Energy classes at the Yoga Sanctuary in Medford, NJ (the next one is April 9th @ 7:30pm).

tibetan energy

One of the mantras we practiced was this one relating to the heart sutra (or chakra):

om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha

Read more about this mantra here

You can check out more offerings from Janice on her site, Clear Light Reiki.


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