July Schedule with Fitness4U

In late May I saw a friend of mine tagged in a picture on Facebook.  There she was with her two boys working out in a park with other mamas and their kids. Ever since I had George I was thinking about starting a stroller fitness class of some sort.  I reached out to the owner of the company that posted this picture, called Fitness4U.   The owner, Nina, was super friendly and when hit it off right away.  When we met up she offered me some teaching opportunities with her.  Sometimes the right opportunities appear at just the right time (with the right people!).

I’ve really enjoyed teaching the mommy & me classes and have met some awesome mamas.

Here’s my Fitness4U teaching schedule for July:

Mondays at 9:30am FitCore (a fun mix of yoga, Pilates, fitness and dance)

Thursdays at 11am Body Barre (a barre style stroller class)

*I will not be teaching on 7/14 (George’s 1st bday).

I am subbing Tuesday 7/15 9:30am mommy & me bootcamp & 7/16 9:30am Pilates.


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