Grapes, grapes & more grapes

This season we have been all about grapes. There are so many more varieties than I remember seeing in years past.  George is a big fan of grapes, so maybe that’s why I’ve been paying attention to them more too. Fun to find different seasonal offerings.  

Here are our favorite varieties (all found at Whole Foods Market):

  • Cotton candy grapes.  When I first heard about these I thought, “ew.”  Gave them a try and they were actually really good.  They are NOT gmo (genetically modified). They are a blend of 2 different types of grapes.  
  • Jammers were just like their name suggest, taste like grape jam. They’re tiny and easy for a toddler to eat.  They are the grapiest grapes and taste pretty sweet (sweeter than cotton candy ones).  
  • Moon drops are an odd oblong shape.  The taste is similar to your standard dark grape. 



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