National Coffee Day

There’s seriously a day and a hashtag # for everything these days.  Today is national coffee day.  

I am a longtime coffee drinker.  I became a coffee shop girl & coffee geek in high school.  I even became a barista during college and later on while in yoga teacher training.    

So, would you believe I’m a decaf drinker?! In my high school and college days I was able to drink caffeine all hours of the night.  Late nights hanging at the diner fueled by cheap black coffee didn’t effect my sleep at all.  Then while I was in yoga teacher training I became more sensitive to caffeine and gave it up.  It was then that I began to tune in to how the caffeine effected my mood and energy.  It actually ended up making me more tired later in the day when I had a full-Tass cup in the morning.   I do enjoy the ritual of drinking a warm (or iced in the summer) cup of coffee and still enjoy frequenting coffee shops (here are some of my local favorites).  I just no longer require the extra buzz (and am now more of a tea drinker during the day).  

A lot of people ask my opinion on caffeine and whether or not it’s healthy. It seems like there’s a different study coming out with a different opinion on that daily. I believe everything is alright in moderation. And on the scale of things you can be addicted to, caffeine is not high on the scary list.

How to switch to decaf?  I began to slowly ween myself off of caffeine by drinking 1/2 decaf first then going less and less.   Sometimes a coffee shop will treat you like a second class citizen for ordering decaf.  I always appreciate a coffee shop that brews decaf with the same care.  


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