Benefits of Pilates for Moms 

The Pilates Method is a popular way to gain stability and flexibility. Core stabilization involves training the deepest muscles of the abdomen, spine and pelvis to support the trunk during movement and make the body more resilient to injury. Pregnancy and delivery weakens each of these muscles and makes mothers especially vulnerable to low back and pelvic pain and pathology. Thus, reactivating these muscles and reconnecting the abdominal walls with the pelvic floor should be a priority in the early stages of motherhood.  
Pilates promotes flexibility by encouraging the spine to move in all planes of motion and the all muscles to lengthen and stretch with proper biomechanics within safe and appropriate range of motion. During the course of a forty week gestation, weight gain can create postural malalignment that affects flexibility and mobility. Muscle groups that often benefit from stretching because of childbearing include the iliopsoas, paraspinals, piriformis, gastrocsoleus complex, pectorals and upper trapezius.


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