Whether you are looking for studio classes, private sessions in-home or in-studio, integrative mind-body wellness programs, virtual sessions or pre & postpartum sessions I can help.

I am happy to be offering mommy & me classes now with Fitness4U in Cherry Hill, NJ.  

Pop-up Babywearing Ballet classes!

Pilates mat & barre classes Fridays at PB3 in Cherry Hill.  

I am spending most of my time being a stay at home mama so am not offering many public studio classes at this time.  I am subbing classes periodically & will post when & where.  If you have questions on where to practice or how to get started please message me!




*In-home private & semi-private sessions available. I’ll bring the studio to you!

I’ll work with your schedule & desires in creating the perfect practice for you.  Whether you are interested in yoga, Pilates, circuit training or barre classes, I can create a tailor-made program for you.  Great for beginner, gentle, prenatal, postpartum, people on-the-go  & client’s with health or physical needs requiring extra love & attention!  Special package rates available.

*Specializing in pre & postpartum yoga, Pilates & wellness!

Allow me to create a safe, nurturing environment for you to practice yoga & Pilates during your pregnancy & post-baby.  My special training & experience in this area allows me to focus on fostering the ultimate mind-body wellness for you during this special time.   Includes optimal nutrition pre & post baby.  Baby & me sessions are also available.

*Virtual privates. I create e-sessions for you that get delivered to your in-box or through Skype.

Utilizing the power of technology you can take Yogalina training sessions with you.  Whether you’re planning a vacation or traveling for business, I can create a workout that will compliment your environment, wishes & timeline.  Most of all, with email or Skype check-ins I will hold you accountable for your practice!

*Personalized mind-body wellness planning. Receive a customized nutritional & exercise plan with video or and email support from me!

Interested in boosting your mind-body wellness?  Receiving a personalized wellness plan & unlimited email correspondence with me, I can help you attain your wellness goals.

*Corporate sessions available. De-stress at work with corporate wellness sessions.

Companies that provide wellness programs to their employees have been shown to have a decrease in missed/sick days as well as an increase in employee engagement.

Benefits of my mind-body corporate sessions include:

  •  Reduces stress levels.
  • Increases energy level, mood and productivity.
  • Improves circulation which may lower blood pressure.
  • Exercise releases the feel good endorphin and stimulates the immune system (less sick days).
  • Core strength, improved posture leads to less aches and pains while working at your desk.
  • Allows for company morale building in a non-work related environment.

Read more about the benefits of offering corporate wellness programs here 

*On the go? Check out the Virtual Yogalina Studio!

Email me for more information!


3 thoughts on “Offerings

  1. My wife is 25 weeks pregnant and she was doing yoga andays some excersizes and the ladies just never showed up one day do you offer classes?

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